Welcome to the I am project

 My mission is to empower girls and women of all ages!

Thank you for your interest in my project, I am!

As you may know, I have recently gone through a divorce and sold my house, car, jewellery, art, clothing, shoes, handbags, and everything in between, packed my life into two suitcases and moved to Bali. 

Yes, there are many reasons I moved and I won't bother you with every detail. 

One of the main reasons is because through my life I lost myself to my business, being a mom, a wife, and everything else that distracts us from being us! I lost myself!

I was ultimately left asking myself: Who am I? Who is Soraya? 

Does this sound like you? Do you only identify as someone's mom? or wife? or just the

woman that shows up and sits in the back?

That became the story of my life!

I identified as the 'Bra Girl',  'Xander's mom', or 'Rina and Juan's daughter'!

What happened to my name?

Who am I? 

This is how the 'I am Project' was born. 

It is both a project and an experiment itself, I am not going into too much detail but I can tell you this:

My mission is to EMPOWER girls and women of all ages! It is so easy to lose ourselves.

I want to celebrate our wins, our passions, strengths, light and dark, our power, sovereignty and every part of us that gives life BREATH!

If this is your mother, daughter, grandmother, or some woman you know, send them here!

The I am Project is a reclamation of self. A reclamation of I. 

A return to who YOU are. 

If you are ready to join us, simply enter your name, age, and email and I will send you the project details.


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I'm ready to find out who I am!


Thank you XXxO